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Dennis and Marliese Graham started DeLiese Cellars (DLC) in 2013.  Initially, DLC was a boutique nuance wine making venture that sought to passionately discover the art of creating great California wines that people could enjoy and afford.  We have since grown into a more robust winery that features high quality wines of many  varietals from various regions of California.

It has been a huge blessing getting to experience wine with so many different people, and everyone at DeLiese Cellars is thrilled at the amazing support and enthusiasm that has greeted our wines.  We believe our greatest strength is our desire to let people taste actual grape varietal notes.  We want each person to know the flavors of the different varietals, avoiding the additives that major wine labels often put into wine that masks the natural flavors.

It’s our mission to maintain a high standard of wine making by creating wine that is second to none.  We want you to taste the earthiness of a Zinfandel and to experience the purity of a wine that is uninhibited by unnatural flavoring.  We have received positive feedback for our wines so far, and this is largely in part because of our desire to allow the wines to speak for themselves without any tampering.  We seek to improve our processes even more, expanding our varietals to allow people to try even more options of our amazing wine.

DLC wines satisfy the palate of the taster.  It’s that simple.  Some of our wines were made the old fashioned way – soft pressed, oaked, and bottled.  Some of our varietals are fruit forward; “fruit bombs,” as we say.  Whatever your particular wine interests, we want to satisfy your desire for great wine, and hopefully expand your understanding of what a good wine is by delivering excellent classics as well as exciting new takes on French and Spanish styles.

We have developed a network of wonderful friends and family that are excited for the opportunities to taste wine, get people together, and pair great food with the wines.  We rely on people like you giving us a try, recognizing our superior wines, and sharing them with your friends and family.  Here at DLC, we want you to love our wines like we love our wines.  It’s been made passionately, meticulously, and creatively to satisfy your palate.  Starting with our delicious Cabernet Sauvignon, Nevaeh, from the Malibu Coast AVA, DLC has branched out into many different varietals from regions such as Napa, Sonoma, and Central California to bring wine enthusiasts everywhere a set of California wines that are delicious, high quality, and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

DeLiese Cellars

DLC wines satisfy the palate of the taster. It's that simple!

DeLiese Cellars

We started DeLiese Cellars out of our passion, and we hope to share that passion with you.

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